General conditions

Terms and Conditions

Adnana Estates ApS presents hereby their Terms & Conditions. By proceeding with the booking, you agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined below.


  1. Rates are subject to local sales and resort taxes.
  2. Adnana Estates ApS supplies all booking details such as WIFI code, check-in information etc in the guest area on Guests are responsible to check guest area before contacting staff for booking information.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the booking condition or other please contact our staff on +45 27 53 80 18
  4. The agreed priced on booking is always the price on the booking receipt.
  5. Booking prices is controlled by robots to ensure all booking prices is adjusted to the marked.
  6. Payment is 50% of booking price on booking day. and 50% 21 days before arrival date.
  7. Bookings made within 21 days before arrival is payed 100% on booking day.
  8. If payment is completed within the timeframe of paragraf 4. Adnana Estates ApS have the full right to suspend or to withhold the booked days or to completely cancel the booking entirely.
  9. No pets are allowed unless given special permission and pet is under 35kilogram
  10. Smoking is never allowed inside the property.
  11. parties and loud noise is never allowed inside the property
  12. Failure to observe the rules in point 7 – point 8 – point 9 will result in a minimum charge of 250.00€ with a due payment of 24hours. Failure to pay will be prosecuted with the full extend of the law – Even at the risk of financial loss for Adnana Estates ApS.
  13. Check-in is from 14:00 on the day of arrival. Check-out is by 11:00 on the day of departure. Failure to depart on time will result in additional charges.
  14. Incase of inventory discrepancies or excess housekeeping a minimum charge of 100€ with a due paytment of 24 hours. Failure to pay will be prosecuted with the full extend of the law – Even at the risk of financial loss for Adnana Estates ApS.
  15. All homes are provided with a basic supply of toiletries and kitchen supplies.
  16. All homes are provided with fresh cleaned and irons bed linen and bed sheets.
  17. If there is critical failure with some of the booking services no refund or compensation is given unless the critical failure affects the entirety of the stay.
  18. Please note that: no refunds will be given for late arrivals, early departures or unused days of your stay.
  19. Adnana Estates ApS determines whether a critical failure with an aspect of the stay should be replace with a part replacement or the entirety of the booking.
  20. Adnana Estates ApS is not responsible of any indirect loss for the guest caused by any failure in the booking. this includes but not limited to revenue loss, other booking expense, travel expense etc.